Massage Therapy

Massage | Massage Add-on

A true customer favorite, this massage combines multiple techniques and is designed to melt away muscle tension, release deep knots and relax your mind. 60 minutes.

A therapeutic massage that focuses on realigning deep layers of muscles and connective tissue. Ideal for those who prefer deeper pressure or have chronic pains and soreness. 60 Minutes.

This deeply relaxing massage helps to correct your posture and relieve areas of the body where most of our stress is carried. 30 Minutes

Delight your senses and replenish your skin with this pampering full body massage. Choose from a wide selection of Aromatherapy oils, customized to your specific mood and needs. 60 Minutes

This ancient and pleasurable pressure point technique will reduce tension, improve circulation and help to balance energy flow. 30 Minutes

The perfect way to relieve muscle tension, postural imbalances, stiffness and chronic pain. This massage is focused on computer trouble-spots, including neck, shoulders, upper-body, arms, hands and wrists, and will leave you feeling revived.

An essential component for athletic training, this invigorating massage eases muscular soreness, increases flexibility, helps to prevent injuries and prepares your body for optimal performance.

A nurturing massage for mothers-to-be, this treatment is safely soothes aches and pains, improves circulation and helps to ease water retention. 60 Minutes

A quick-fix for those achy muscles, this massage conditions your back, shoulders, neck and arms, leaving you calm and rejuvenated. Administered over clothing. 15 Minutes

Melt away tensions with these sacred and healing stones. This calming massage promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation and improves circulation. 75 Minutes

Massage Add-ons

Foot Scrub $20

  Hot Stone Foot Massage  $20

  Scalp Massage $20